Keep Your Chin Up, Dortmund

Hi Dortmund.

Lately you’ve been down in the dumps, and we all know why. Your main barn rival was American Pharoah. Hell, this time last year YOU were the Baffert star sophomore with with AP on the mend. But after he came back and spanked you twice you’ve been in a pretty big funk.

You just gotta accept that AP was better no one could beat him. Well, Keen Ice did but that was a fluke and he probably will never win another race. Frosted doesn’t seem to care that he got totally walloped every time they ran. Look at him now! He won the Pennsylvania Derby, some prep race in Dubai and is primed for the Dubai World Cup (two of which you were slated to run in). That could be you bud! Instead you’re throwing such a fit that you’re casting in your stall.

You haven’t run since November dude, which is weird since you’ve pretty much been working well since firing bullets left and right. But now you have problems with your feet and will be off for a month!? C’mon D, we all know you’re just upset and your feet are totally fine.

Listen my man, when you’re on it you’re one of the best out there. Sure Baffert will never love you as much as AP, but Kaleem might love you more than Bayern if you actually run for once! So stop being such a weenie, and get out there and be the big ol’ boss we all know you are!

You go, Dortmund, you go!


xoxo Carly


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