Scrappy T Finally Breaks His Silence

“Scrappy T comes away with the lead! But Afleet Alex is–oh Scrappy T blew the turn!”

We all remember that terrifying moment at the top of the stretch in the 2005 Preakness when Afleet Alex clipped heels, fell to his knees and almost went down. No one remembers it better than Scrappy T.

“It still haunts me to this day,” said Scrappy T while pacing along the fence line in his pasture, “what if he actually fell? What if he died? After all the hype and feel good story with Alex and her lemonade… My god I almost ruined everything.”

11 years later it is clear he is still shaken from the experience.

“I still have nightmares about it. Afleet Alex has said its fine, no one got hurt so its all good. That’s not the point, it was almost a tragedy and it was all my fault. How was I supposed to know Ramon would go left handed at the top of the stretch? Who does that?! Of course I’ll blow the turn!” Visibly distraught, he needed a break to go roll in some mud.

After a solid racing career, Scrappy T was originally retired to a farm in Virginia where he competed in shows. Like he always does he completely blew that opportunity, so now he is living down in Florida like most grumpy old men. His owner bought that new place as a pinhooking operation and turns Scrappy out with the yearlings to teach them a thing or two about life. “Don’t panic when you get hit on your left side,” Scrappy told the yearlings. “It will scare you, it will come out of no where, you wont know how to react. But whatever you do, do not bolt!”The yearlings took note of Scrappy’s wise words.

Today Scrappy and Alex are good friends, they snapchat almost every day. But sometimes Alex will make low blow jokes, “LOL almost tripped!” and it really hits home for Scrappy.


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