Rachel Alexandra: The Most Insufferable Pasture Ornament

After having an okay year at two, a sensational three year old campaign and a mediocre four year old year, Hall of Famer Rachel Alexandra is living the good life at Stonestreet Farm out in Lexington, KY.

The farm’s founder Jess Jackson’s middle name is seriously Stonestreet, which is where the farm gets the name.

Rachel greets her fans

“Yeah it’s pretty nice, I get to hang out in a field all day. Sometimes I have to come in at night, or for the farrier or vet checkups or whatever. Otherwise I’m just chilling,” Rachel told a group of fans traveling from Wisconsin to meet their favorite champion.

We all know the story of Rachel Alexanda’s problems with actually having babies, especially when her last foal Rachel’s Valentina really came out swinging.

Today Rachel has it easy while most mares around her live with being pregnant. “I don’t feel that bad for them,” Rachel laughs, “sure it sucks, but I’ve been there and then some.”

Pasture-mate Hot Dixie Chick gets really annoyed with Rachel sometimes but tries to stick up for her. “Sure, we know what happened to her. It was horrifying for all of us. But she should stop dismissing our problems. Being pregnant sucks!” Dixie took a moment to grab a bite of grass, “but maybe she’s depressed and projecting. She’s been through a lot.”

Even Rachel’s oldest, Jess’s Dream, could barely stand his mother

Another mare on the farm is Eclipse Award winner My Miss Aurelia who does not have anything nice to say about Rachel’s recent attitude. “Listen, we get it. She’s a Horse of the Year and in the Hall of Fame, and 100% of her foals are winners. Cool. But we got a great band here with a lot of accomplished mares! Hell, I actually won the Breeders’ Cup unlike her.”

Fiftyshadesofhay gained some twitter fame a few years ago only¬†because of her name. Still a good runner, Stonestreet purchased her for $1.3mil at Keeneland in 2014. “Two year old American Pharoah was easier to deal with in Baffert’s barn than Rachel is here,” the mare scoffed.

“I hate her,” Sassy Image barked from the other side of the field.

Looking around, it was hard not to be impressed with the quality that Stonestreet boards. Even going international with the New Zealand champion Bounding had something to say about Rachel, “yeah mate she can piss off.”

Dreaming of Julia and Kauai Katie declined to comment.

While Rachel does not get turned out with pregnant mares, she can still chat with them in neighboring fields. Those with her are on their gap year between pregnancies and look like they would prefer to just be bred every year than have a season out with Rachel.

“I think they’re just jealous,” Rachel shrugged before galloping¬†off.